Making my Boxing business more popular via Online means

Making my Boxing business more popular via Online means

Promoting your business to reach the right audience or customer is one of the biggest tasks most entrepreneurs face. A business brand that offers similar services to its contemporaries like Thai boxing might still be harder to stand-out. However, with the right information and use of the internet, you can help your Thai boxing brand stand out.    

Ways to make your business stand out 

Consumers always go for a brand that offers ‘extra’ among similar brands. So, what do you think you can do differently? 

· Get a brand website 

In this era of growing technology, it is foolhardy to eschew the internet or other digital space to promote your business. A business website will contain a lot of pertinent and easily accessible information that customers can reach ANYTIME.  

Having a Muay Thai boxing website saves you a lot of time, increases productivity, and advertises your business in the broadest space ever; the internet.  Your customers can also get any useful information with ease. 

· SEO marketing 

Search Engine Optimization means making your brand/business comes out top in search results. By choosing strategic keywords, you can make your brand rank higher when people search for content relating to the services you offer.  

To work towards higher rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and co, you should focus on publishing useful and simple content about your brand.  

Good SEO is the best promotion you can get for your brand. 


· Social Media marketing 

Since the inception of internet chatting and sharing sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and many other SM sites, no other innovation has gotten such explosive attention. More than 3 billion people in the world are present in one or more of these social media sites, and a few hundreds of thousands within your business locality. Leverage the power of these sites to boost your business presence 

· Facebook 

It is a good site to create a business page, group, or personal account. You get to interact, share pictures, and videos about your service.      

· Instagram

This is a good site to share pictures and videos and become an authority in your field by growing your followers. 

· Twitter 

Having a Twitter account is a powerful platform to make your Muay Thai training camp popular by using their “trends” and hashtags. 

· Digital Marketing 

Far from traditional media, the biggest channel for promotion is digital media. And the biggest trick to it is that it is FREE. Create a business logo, e-flyers, and link your business website to them. This way, you can promote your Muay Thai boxing business such as through pixels and bytes. 

You can also advertise your brands through influencer marketing, sponsoring blogs, affiliate marketing, and so on. These days you can make your Muay Thai gym visible to thousands by creating simple links on popular online posts for small fees. 

Wrapping Up 

Wise business models involve scaling your Muay Thai boxing business in Thailand to the digital scale. You can also offer other services like  

  • Virtual coaching 
  • Free incorporated therapy sessions 
  • Blog posts 
  • Promoting physical and Health activities in the community  
  • Email marketing and subscriptions