How to automatically remove all sections of your WordPress site?

How to automatically remove all sections of your WordPress site?

When we get WordPress files and start working with them, we get some default pages, posts, themes, etc. WordPress is a Content management system with some predefined content. We decide how to change that content and how to customize it to our website category.

First of all, we need to delete some content in WordPress that is not necessary for us. For example, there are some Sample pages, Privacy and Police pages, and Hello world posts. We don’t have that content on our website, so we are going to delete them. We will choose that from our dashboard and click on the “Move to trash” option. For complete deletion, we need to choose the option “Delete permanently.” All of those options will appear when you drag the mouse over the post or page.

All mentioned activities are not required a lot of time. But, owners of the website sometimes need to change and delete more content from the WordPress site. It means that there is a lot of content, such as pages, posts, pictures, plugins, etc. For example, you have a WordPress site for some IT courses. At the moment, you have had some reorganization of the courses. You have prepared some new courses, or you have changed the plan and program for some of them. Also, you have prepared new pictures for your teachers and students. Now, an enormous amount of work is in front of you. You need to delete all of the previous content first and after that, you can add the new one.

As you can see, that process can be boring and most people don’t like it. Luckily, there are some plugins for that kind of job. They allow us to delete all of the content and database in a few clicks.


How to remove all sections in your WordPress site using by WP Reset plugin?

The WordPress Reset plugin is very helpful for developers who need to reset their websites often. The process of installing this plugin is the same as for every other WordPress plugin. When you install and activate WP Reset, you will get a dashboard of this plugin in your work area. There are a lot of options which you can use. Some of them you can use for free, and the others require a pro version.

First of all, you need to choose what you want to reset.

As you can see in this picture, the option “Reactivate reset plugin” is checked. This option allows us to keep WP Reset and reactivate the current theme and all active plugins.  Don’t forget to click on “Create snapshot” if you want to be able to undo it.

Now, let’s go back to the top of the WP Reset tools plugin. We can see some option like in the picture below:

There is an explanation of what we will reset with those three options: Options reset, site reset, and nuclear reset. Let’s explain a little bit more about the “Nuclear reset” option. This option is the most powerful reset tool. It deletes everything in our WordPress site, including the database, and all data stored. The only thing left after this reset is your user account (so you can log in again) and the URL of your site.