Arabic SEO: Why is It Important for Your Business

Arabic SEO: Why is It Important for Your Business

There is no doubt that what SEO can do to your business’s success and its ranking in SERPs is admirable. But you might have noticed that in recent years SEO has only been getting the hype it deserves in English while website owners have disregarded the importance of multilingual SEO and Arabic SEO specifically and tended to translate their SEO content and keywords from English into other languages.

While English SEO is witnessing fierce competition and the internet became flooded with English content, search engine optimization in Arabic is merely at its beginning.

So, if you mastered Arabic SEO and successfully integrated it into your business you will have a grip on more than 169 million people who uses the internet to browse products and services and purchase online using Arabic and will enhance your online presence in the MENA region.

Why You Should You Consider Arabic SEO?

When studying the market in the MENA region we notice that individuals in such areas prefer searching for services and products using Arabic keywords, yet their needs may not be satisfied since online retailers and service providers tend to optimize their websites to mostly reach English-speaking users.

As SEO Experts we can tell that your decision to incorporate search engine optimization in Arabic into your business will benefit your website in the following ways:

Grow Your Online Presence:

When it comes to reaching new markets and growing your business online presence, Arabic SEO is your golden goose. The majority of Arabs in the Middle East and North Africa prefer using Arabic when browsing the internet, so optimizing your content and marketing campaigns to include Arabic SEO will allow you to reach new markets and gain millions of potential customers.

Create Arabic Quality Content:

Arabic SEO will provide you with a better understanding of Arab internet users’ consuming habits, which will help create and deliver your content in a way that will align with their needs and break the culture and language barrier. Such a thing will have a significant effect on your brand awareness in the region; giving that you made the effort to craft and optimize tailored content to specifically reach Arab internet users.

Still Skeptical of the Wonders that SEO ca

Promote Your Products and Services

One of SEO’s essential goals is to help your business to rank first on SERPs and this may take some time with English. But giving the lack of online Arabic content, search engine optimization in Arabic will accelerate the process.

As high as your business rank in SERPs as more recognition you get. This will play a key role in promoting your products and services and subsequently, increase your revenues.

Ready to Reap the Benefits of Arabic SEO?

Now that you know how important it is to employ search engine optimization in Arabic, here is how our team of bilingual SEO experts can help you and pave your way to success.

Developing an Effective Arabic SEO Strategy for Your Business

In this stage, a thorough analysis of your target audience must be conducted. The failure to understand your target audience may result in a huge setback. Arabs in the Middle East and North Africa may be a tough crowd giving the variety of cultures and consuming habits in each section of the region.

We divide the region into different sections aiming our SEO efforts to reach your specific target audience.

You need to stay focused on how this cultural diversity can impact your marketing activities. We help stay ahead of the game by keeping your business optimized and up to date on the latest trends, slang, and local dialect varieties in your targeted section of the region.

Studying your competitors is also crucial to search engine optimization in Arabic. We will keep you informed on your competitors and provide you with an SEO analysis of their keyword rankings, domain authority, competition level, and backlinks.

Keyword Mapping and Content Optimization

When employing search engine optimization in the Arabic translation of your English keywords and content is nothing but a waste of effort. Giving the distinctive characteristics of Arabic and its dialects, and the cultural implications, we rather localize the keywords to target relevant traffic.

Our SEO experts will conduct Arabic keyword research from scratch to define terms used by your targeted audience when searching for products and services in your line of industry. While paying attention to the slang and dialects used in each section of the region.

We also provide you with on-site SEO. Our native copywriters will create Arabic meta titles and descriptions and make sure to incorporate the new localized keywords for HTML content and metatags. And let’s not forget alt descriptions for all your Images and videos to achieve high ranking in Google images and video result pages.

The on-site optimization process will also include localizing your product-related content. We optimize your product description, shopping cart, images, and videos by enriching them with localized Arabic keywords.

A website audit is also crucial to detect broken sitemaps and links and avoiding redirection to English pages.

Choosing the best SEO Tools

We make sure to use the proper SEO tool for premium Arabic SEO results. These include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google My Business. Along with the proper tools for keyword research and domain analysis.

Create Your Own Content Strategy

To improve your keyword ranking you need to set an effective long-term strategy to create consistent and valuable content that will employ your well-researched keywords in a useful way. As we mentioned earlier the internet is over-flooded with English content, while only 1.1% of content on the internet is in Arabic.

Blogging can be your key to success here. After conducting extensive keyword research, we help you create Arabic blog posts that answer your target audience’s product and service-related queries. Then, we incorporate these keywords in the blog posts in an efficient and smart manner.

This will help Google understand the nature of your business. But most importantly, it will benefit your brand awareness since your content aims at answering your potential customer’s inquiries and satisfying their needs.

Arabic SEO is undeniably the key to driving organic traffic in the Middle East and North Africa region. Disregarding it is a huge mistake, that will cost your business a golden opportunity to reach one of the largest markets in the world.